What is GRE?

What’s on the GRE? If you are on the path to graduate school and expect to take the GRE in the immediate future, it’s crucial that you be up-to-date on what, exactly, you’ll face on Test Day. It’s like an endurance sport that requires sustained energy and focus, and just like an endurance sport, you’ll need to train beforehand. Just like a cross-country skier needs ski poles and special boots, you’ll need a special set of skills to master the GRE. At a high level, the GRE contains two essays, at least two quantitative and two verbal sections, and one experimental or research section. Testing lasts a total of four hours from beginning to end. Let’s explore each section in more detail.

Who Should take the GRE?

For those who would like to take graduate or postgraduate program in University with program concentration in Engineering, Science, Education, and other programs. Nowadays more and more Business Schools accept GRE as an alternative to GMAT as one of the requirements for MBA application.


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